iPhone Release Dates – Why You Need to Be in Touch With the Development

We all know that iPhones are not cheap! In fact, at the current moment, they are not cheap at all. This is due to the high demand, and the extreme competition from the manufacturing companies. You see, Apple wants you to sell their brand of iPhones, so you better make it hot right before it drops on the market! Read this article if you want to know about some of the highly anticipated iPhone release dates.

iPhone Release Dates read this article

Apple’s release dates for the new iPhones are kept secret, so nobody really knows for sure when the new models will be out. As soon as a new device is out in the market, the entire supply is sold out within a few days. The only chance that Apple has to get more iPhones into the hands of consumers is by having massive marketing campaigns, launching the phones as soon as possible, and offering extremely low prices.

The biggest event that they hold to announce the arrival of their latest phones is the “Worldwide Invites” event. This can either be held at their factory or at any other location around the world. This is one of the biggest secrets of the iPhone’s production. Only the people at the factory know the exact date, so everybody else just has to make the most of this opportunity! This is also the time when Apple will be releasing the older version of the iPhone, as well as the “retina” series.

When does the actual release date fall? Nobody really knows for sure. It’s all a matter of a huge marketing campaign. However, there are a few signs that give us some clues. For example, in January, Apple releases the older model of the iPhone in the markets, as well as the iPod Touch.

There is also one very important factor that we should consider: If you are going to pay hundreds of dollars for a product, wouldn’t it be better to get it on time? Yes! Apple is doing that to promote their phones. They don’t want to lose their sales! In fact, they are giving out an extended release period in order to increase the amount of hype and excitement surrounding their new phones!

Now, let’s go back to iPhone release dates. If there is an official website of Apple, then they will definitely inform you of the release dates. Also, you can find tons of leaks from both leaked and non-leaked iPhones. You will be able to save a lot of time using these leaks!

Apple usually makes two announcements regarding the release of their newest products. They make the big one, which they share with the public, and they also release a small one to focus on the media. Sometimes, these announcements are made on their own television network, like in the case of the iPod Touch, which is available only for a limited period of time. Other times, they decide to make an open reveal, like with the iPhone 4.

I will advice you to wait for the big one! It will be much more exciting if it is given at an official reveal event. But, do not worry because there are lots of leaks out there. You just have to hunt for them! As long as you do not download any apps, you should be safe.